Conservative values

I'm trusted to stand up for our values, because I've always been clear what we have to stand for: the core Conservative values of liberty, security, and pride in our country.

I will stand for low taxes and free trade. But I don't just believe in them - I work as a tax and trade adviser to governments globally, and I can deliver them here at home.

And if the last 200 years have shown us anything, it's that free markets are not just desirable but necessary to deliver prosperity - especially for the worst-off.

I will stand for an outward-looking global Britain and that the UK has, is, and will forever be a force for good around the world.  Coming from a Forces family, I believe in strong national defence - and in supporting Ukraine with the weapons it needs to keep itself, our world, and our values safe.

But there is no better way to ensure people's freedom and their security by ensuring they have a home that they own: leading me to promote home ownership through extending Right To Buy, supporting leaseholders, and having developed solutions to help private renters become owners.