About Oliver Cooper

In every part of my life, I've been trusted to lead and to deliver for my team and for people who need us most: professionally, politically, and personally.

I owe all this - my values, my work ethic, and any success I ever have - to my family, and the fact my family was given a home here in the United Kingdom.

My mother and grandmother have both written about their childhoods in Egypt and Lebanon.  And how from those horrors, they came here, to the United Kingdom: the greatest, most beautiful country on the face of the Earth, and a country I will spend every day trying to repay for letting us call it home.

I'm the Leader of the Conservatives on Three Rivers District Council in Hertfordshire, representing the village I grew up in.  I was previously a councillor and Leader of the Conservatives on Camden Council: Keir Starmer's own flagship Labour council.

You may not know that Three Rivers is the Lib Dems' flagship council nationally.  They've held it since 1986 - the year I was born.  But that doesn't put me off.  If anything, I was trusted to take them on because I relish challenging the Lib Dems and holding them to account.

Indeed, in Camden, I deliberately moved from my own Conservative-held ward to a Lib Dem held ward. That didn't quite pay off - very little did for the Conservatives in 2022! - but I believe in leading from the front and working furiously hard not for myself, but for our team and our values.